TroBit helps St. Barbara Cemetary with online payments


TroBit B.V. specializes in administration systems within the funeral industry and has developed the program Uitvaartsuite (Funeral suite) specifically for this industry. The various modules in this program work seamlessly with each other and provide a high degree of efficiency and control. And let this be exactly what the St. Barbara Cemetery was looking for in 2019. 

Outdated administration system

St. Barbara Cemetary was founded in 1875 as part of the Catholic Church and has operated as an independent private organization since the 1970s. Since it was dealing with an outdated administration system, Karen Kolkhuis Tanke and Colinda Wisman, director and financial officer, respectively, jointly started looking for a solution. This solution not only had to be able to work efficiently, but it also had to be able to easily control the administration. Their search led them to TroBit, and since 2019 St. Barbara has been using the program Uitvaartsuite to handle the entire administration.

Cemetery expansion calls for digitisation of payments

A small-scale cremation facility was recently built at the cemetery. “With the expansion of the crematorium and to get invoices paid faster, digitisation of payments was also desirable. Essential here was that the solution had to be integrated with TroBit’s Uitvaartsuite, as we do all our administration with this package” says Colinda.

So a new search was launched and St Barbara, through their home banker Rabobank, came across PayByLink. PayByLink was keen to help and offered to contact TroBit to explore integration possibilities.

Integration went extremely smoothly

“PayByLink approached us for a collaboration in the field of online payments. We are always open to suggestions and saw an integration for online payments as an added value,” says Dennis Goudart, project manager at TroBit.

“For us, however, it was essential here that such an integration would not have a major impact on our administration system. We also wanted a simple online payment process for our customers, so they don’t have to go through many steps to complete the payment. It had to be a valuable addition and that is what PayByLink is,” Dennis continues.

For TroBit, the integration with PayByLink also offers the advantage that as many as 25 Internet cash registers can be used via a single integration. All customers of TroBit can therefore choose their internet check out. In St Barbara’s case, this is Rabo Smart Pay OnlineKassa.

“Thanks to short lines of communication and rapid developments, the integration went extremely smoothly. We are now looking at how we can further integrate PayByLink into other applications.” concludes Dennis.

An increase in online payments

The integration has ensured that St. Barbara now sends its invoices via TroBit’s Uitvaartsuite by email with a PayByLink payment link attached so that payment can be completed online.

“To date, we see that invoices are paid faster now that they are sent, provided with a payment link from PayByLink,” she said.

“It will take some getting used to for many, but every month more people are paying online. An additional advantage of PayByLink is that the payment is processed directly in our administration system, making manual intervention unnecessary,” Colinda explains.

“We will therefore start using this method of payment to pay for the new services that have arisen from commissioning the crematorium.

We also want to compliment PayByLink, as we are very pleased with the way PayByLink deals with its customers. The approach and support we have received is downright impressive,” Karen adds.

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