Who we are

Count on a highly motivated team!

What we stand for

PayByLink makes payments easier, faster and more efficient. Sending PayByLink payment links by email or text message or displaying them as QR codes enables you to receive your money faster. Many thousands of companies, from hotels to wholesalers and from amusement parks to pension funds, use PayByLink every day.

Whether it’s for invoicing processes, debt collection processes, online purchases or mobile transactions, we offer you a user-friendly solution to handle any type of payment as efficiently and flexibly as possible.


Our team

PayByLink is run by a quality-driven, motivated and close-knit team backed up by years of experience in online payments, ICT, customer support and sales. Every day, we are ready to work with and for our customers to make the payment process simpler, faster and more efficient.

Customer focus, flexibility, speed and enthusiasm are just some of the qualities for which we receive positive feedback from our customers. We’re proud of that, and it motivates us to do what we do!


Security is the top priority at PayByLink. Our customers must be able to rely on PayByLink as an honest and reliable partner. We therefore take every necessary measure to ensure the security of all data that is entrusted to us. In addition, we work with partners who have similarly high security standards, such as Microsoft Azure for hosting, Sendgrid for professional email sending and Spryng for sending text messages. To optimise the security of the platform, PayByLink is also scanned daily by Trust Guard for potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities.



PayByLink works in accordance with the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the EU directive defining how the personal data of European citizens must be collected, managed and secured.

GDPR legislation requires that it be possible to anonymise personal data, so PayByLink offers customers the ability to do this automatically. You can determine for yourself when this must happen, in line with your internal policy. The transaction data is retained, but all details and personal information are removed from the system. If you do not make a choice, we will anonymise the data by default after seven years.