PayByLink MPOS

Allow customers to pay immediately: anywhere, anytime.

Smartphone as payment terminal

A payment terminal is often expensive, not always readily to hand, already in use by a colleague, or just not charged up when you need it. PayByLink’s Mobile Point Of Sale (MPOS) solution is the answer, without the need for any extra investments in hardware. An MPOS turns your smartphone into your payment terminal, so you’ll always have it to hand. You simply open the PayByLink MPOS page on your phone to create a payment link immediately. Once again, PayByLink makes payment even easier.


Fast and simple

When customers make a purchase, you can either send an email or text message with a payment link within seconds, or simply show them a QR code on the phone screen. Customers can immediately open the received payment link on their own phone or scan the QR code from your phone screen, and then start up the payment process in their own familiar banking environment. The status of the payment at each step is visible in real time on your own phone, until it is completed. Simple, safe and fast.

Your own design

The MPOS page can be set up entirely as you wish. Any field that is important to you can be added. You can create and use various email and text message templates to tailor the message to suit the transaction. Naturally, all of this is possible in any language and currency. If you send the message by email, you can even attach a PDF, for example with general terms and conditions, a quotation or an invoice. In short, the MPOS solution can be fully customised to suit your needs.


Many applications

The PayByLink MPOS solution has numerous applications. Drivers can settle the payment directly upon delivery to the location. Sales personnel in (car) showrooms can create a (down) payment on the spot. Call centres can send a payment link within seconds. Account managers can quickly convert quotations into orders. And many other sales processes can be shortened using PayByLink’s MPOS solution.

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Can you can do that in the way that suits you best: by e-mail, by text message or by using a QR-code.
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