Send an email containing a payment link in your own branding.

Own Look & Feel

It is essential for an email with a payment link to be trustworthy. A message in your look and feel promotes a feeling of trust. PayByLink enables you to add your own logo, corporate colours and fonts to your emails in a few simple steps. This enables you to format the message as you see fit. You can even go a step further by supplying your layout as an HTML file, giving you virtually endless possibilities. One thing is certain: emails containing a payment link in your own look and feel increase conversion significantly.

email-you determine the content

You determine the content

The content of your message is important for clear communication with your customer that lets them know where they stand. PayByLink enables you to decide which information a message contains. For example, an email with a payment link often includes an order number, description and the amount to be paid. However, you can add any information you want, such as arrival and departure dates, opening hours, reservation numbers and so on – whatever you need to keep your customers fully informed. Naturally, the email can be sent by name, giving it a more personal feel.

Endless email templates

We understand that the text may vary between types of email, such as an invoice, reminder or deposit. In PayByLink, you can create and customise limitless email templates to suit your needs. This means you can always fine-tune the text to the message you want to convey, in any language you desire, so you always send the right message to every customer.


Send emails

Emails with the payment link are sent by default from [email protected]. However, you can also choose to send the PayByLink emails from your own email address. Perhaps you would prefer to send the payment link from your own e-mail package, such as Outlook – that’s possible too. Using the handy copy-and-paste function, you can paste the payment link into your own e-mail. You can send emails manually or completely automatically. PayByLink has the solution for every situation.

PDF attachment

In some cases, you might want to send an attachment along with an email containing a payment link, such as a quotation, invoice, route description, promotion conditions or general terms and conditions. This is all possible in PayByLink. From the dashboard, you can select a PDF document from your computer, network or cloud and add the document to the email. If you send your emails automatically, you can send up to five PDF attachments with your message.

email responsive


Because you don’t know in advance whether your customers will use a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone to open the email containing the payment link, all PayByLink emails and payment pages are responsive. This means your payment request will be clearly legible under any circumstances.

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