Text message

A text message containing a payment link makes mobile payments easy.

Easy access

Almost everyone has a mobile phone these days, and more than 90% of users always have their phone within reach. The vast majority of text messages are read almost immediately, so a text message with a payment request has very high attention value. This means you can reach your customers quickly and easily with your message.



A text message enables you to avoid a time-consuming invoicing process for both you and your customers. A message is sent in no time, and with just one click on the PayByLink payment link on the phone, your customers can start the payment process. Payment is then completed in a few steps, making it easy for your customers and increasing your chances of receiving the payment rapidly.

Custom text

A standard text message can contain up to 160 characters. To make it easy for you, PayByLink has a short standard message available in several languages that you can use immediately. Of course, you can also write and send your own message. If your message is longer than 160 characters, that’s no problem either. The message will be sent in the form of multiple text messages that your customers receive as a single message. You can specify the name of the sender so your customers know right away that it comes from you.


Send text messages

Because every business is different, you can send a text message with a payment link, just like an email with a payment link, at the time that best suits your business process. This can be daily, weekly or monthly – whenever suits you best. You can send the text messages manually or fully automatically. Whatever your situation, PayByLink has the solution.

More information on PayByLink

Can you can do that in the way that suits you best: by e-mail, by text message or by using a QR-code.
Send your requests manually, through mobile POS, in a batch or automated through an API.