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With a PayByLink QR code, payment is arranged in no time.

Convenience for your customers

You can make payment easy by including a PayByLink QR code in an invoice, PDF or email. By scanning the PayByLink code, your customers will be able to see the payment details on their mobile phone and then follow their usual payment steps in their mobile banking app. You’ll be able to see in real time when a payment has been made. This means convenience for your customers and faster payment for you.


A QR code is ready in no time

It takes just a few steps to create a PayByLink QR code in the dashboard. Whether you want to create a single code or thousands simultaneously, the codes will be generated instantly for you. You can include all of the important information in the payment request, such as invoice and payment details. The customer scans the code and can pay immediately. Because all of the necessary information is already filled in, there is less chance of errors.

Send transactions automatically

Using the PayByLink API, you can send automated transactions to PayByLink and then immediately receive a PayByLink QR code in your systems. This enables you to show this code in real time on a POS terminal, mobile phone or even on a TV. Of course, you can also email the code yourself or send it using WhatsApp, Messenger or Skype.

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Fast and contactless payment

Do you deliver products to customers’ homes or work in a showroom or outdoors? If so, you can use the PayByLink QR code to handle any payment on the spot. On your smartphone, open the PayByLink mobile page and enter the amount to be paid. You then show the PayByLink code that is generated to your customer, who scans the code, checks the amount and makes the payment through online banking. The payment will be visible right away on your phone, on the mobile PayByLink page.

QR code donation

As an association, foundation or charity, you can easily raise funds with the PayByLink donation QR code. This can be done by showing the code on your website, Facebook page, poster or on a sticker on a collection box. Your donors can decide how much they want to give after they scan the code, or you can provide them with a choice of pre-determined amounts, for example, €5, €10, €25 or €50. Payment is then made in their own online banking environment. This means no more hassle with debit cards or cash – donors can contribute to your social cause safely and quickly.


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Can you can do that in the way that suits you best: by e-mail, by text message or by using a QR-code.
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