Manually send any desired email or text message with a payment link.

Convenient dashboard

The PayByLink online dashboard works intuitively. You can quickly and easily choose from among the many options the platform offers, such as how to send a message and when, the language to use, and how often to send a reminder. You can make any choice you wish for each message. Of course, you can also use your chosen default options, which means your message goes out quickly. This al can be done manually in the PayByLink dashboard.

manually send message

Send a message

A message with a payment link is sent directly from PayByLink as an email or text message. To do this, you can use the standard messages that are available in PayByLink, or you can choose one of the email templates you have created yourself and that is precisely tailored to the message you want to convey. Another possibility is to send the payment link from your own email programme or, for example, by WhatsApp, Messenger or Skype. For this purpose, PayByLink has a handy copy-and-paste function to copy the payment link.

Payment link validity period

In the PayByLink dashboard, you can determine the validity period for the payment link. This means you can adjust the payment link to suit each specific situation. For sales, last-minute deals or limited-availability products or services, a short validity period can be useful. Examples include hotel room reservations or admission tickets for events. A payment link can be valid for a few minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months, according to your needs. If the payment link is clicked after the period of validity has expired, a message that you have composed will be displayed. This helps you to stay in touch with your customers.


PDF attachment

In some cases, you might want to send an attachment to an email containing a payment link – sometimes as an extra service, but often to provide your customers with all the information they need. This might include, for example, a route description, promotional terms and conditions, general conditions, a quotation or an invoice. You can also do this manually by means of the PayByLink solution. From the dashboard, you can select a PDF document from your computer, network or cloud and add it as an attachment to your email.

Transaction overview

As well as enabling you to send messages containing a payment link, the dashboard also offers real-time insight at a glance into the status of each message sent. The bright signal colours make the status of a message and payment immediately clear. The dashboard clearly displays whether a message has been viewed or payment has been made, or whether a link has expired, and much more. You can also view the entire history of each message sent with a single click, so you’re always up to date on the status of each payment link.

transaction statusses

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Can you can do that in the way that suits you best: by e-mail, by text message or by using a QR-code.
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