Fetch car sharing project is a great success


You may have already seen them driving around in Amsterdam: the 100 brand-new Renault ZOEs from Fetch car sharing. Since the beginning of February cars can be rented thanks to a wonderful collaboration between Fetch, Renault and PayByLink. We are proud of this beautiful Fetch car sharing project!

The Fetch car process is easy: If you want to rent one of the electric Renault ZOEs, go to the Fetch app, sign up, identify yourself, sign a contract and within a few minutes you are ready to go. The app locates the nearest car for you, unlocks it, and you can start driving!

Complex processes

It sounds easy, Marco Boender of Fetch car sharing says: “But it is not. The processes for this project are not simple, and PayByLink understands that. “The car sharing project has two primary processes: registration and payment. The first one, the registration process, is entirely done via the app. People enter their data and upload a picture of their face and a copy of their driver’s license. The driver’s license is checked by an external party on available safety features. After the validation is successfully completed the rental contract can be signed.

Here PayByLink’s expertise comes in, explains Boender. With a link in the app, a contract with variable fields (PDF) can be opened. Values are entered via PayByLink. Then customer identification takes place via iDIN (type of DigiD sourced by the banks), using an iDEAL-based process with which the contract is digitally signed. For Fetch users from outside the Netherlands, authentication and digital signing via credit card (with 3D / Secure) is used.

Easy authorisation and payment

The user is then asked to authorise payments. This can be done via iDEAL or via credit card and then PayByLink will send a simple payment link after every car ride. When paying with credit card, the customer can also select that all car rides will be automatically debited from the credit card via Ingenico. Boender: “The nice thing about this set-up is that PayByLink not only handles all payments, but also assists and resolves exceptional cases if they arise. The exceptions make our concept so complex, but this is not an issue for PayByLink. If a driver has had a little accident, does he have to make an additional payment? Does a credit card accept a direct debit? If, for whatever reason, a driver only used a quarter of the rental period but he has already paid the full amount? PayByLink handles all exceptional cases with ease. “

Lightning fast success

After a month since the start on 10th January 2019, more than a thousand contracts were signed. This includes the payment of registration costs (until the end of February € 0.01 instead of € 10) and a multitude of car rides were settled. “It has been a very successful launch,” says Boender. “People were really looking forward to a service like this. Shared electric cars offer people the opportunity to be mobile in the most energy-efficient way possible, on the exact moment they need it. If you need a car, this can be arranged within a few minutes.

‘We complement each other’

PayByLink is a flexible cooperation partner with pleasant people to work with. For this project we deal with the latest software, technologies and payment methods, and then you really notice what you have in common. With every challenge that we encounter, we stand side by side: what is happening, how do we solve it and how can we reinforce each other? The result is a lot synergy: We can be really proud of the Fetch car sharing project! “

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