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Due to the corona pandemic, bailiffs were restricted in their methods by the loss of personal contact. The portable card reader could no longer be used to collect payments. A solution was needed that made remote payments possible. Cannock Chase Public, in partnership with PayByLink, developed a proprietary application that gives bailiffs this capability: Cannock Pay.

Since then, Cannock Chase Public’s tax bailiffs have used this application and the portable card reader has become a thing of the past.  

Debtors can pay immediately

With Cannock Pay, the tax collector is able to send a text message or e-mail directly to the debtor. At the door, it is even possible to generate a QR code on the spot that allows the debtor to pay immediately and without fuss. The payment is then processed simply, quickly and securely in the trusted banking environment of the debtor. Through this application, bailiffs are even able to collect payments from debtors who are normally hard or impossible to reach abroad. 

Payments increase

After a short period of familiarization, sending the payment link via Cannock Pay is proving to be a great success. Collections are rising; more than twice as much as before with an ATM.

Work efficiently

The call center and collection specialists are now also using Cannock Pay. During telephone conversations with debtors, it also turns out to be very efficient to no longer have to provide an 18-digit IBAN number, but to simply send a text message with a payment link to the debtor.


Cannock Chase Arno Leferink

“Cannock Pay is more customer-friendly and socially much better.
With the elimination of bailiff handling, there are no additional charges.”

-Arno Leferink, Manager of Outdoor Credit –


Faster and easier follow-up

Another advantage of this method is that payment agreements can be followed up more quickly and easily. If the bailiff does not find anyone at home, but the debtor contacts him afterwards, the bailiff can offer the opportunity to pay immediately at that time.

Another advantage of this method is that the bailiff immediately sees whether the debtor has used the payment link. In addition, the debtor pays no bailiff fees when paying via Cannock Pay.

Future development

After these successful first experiences, Cannock Chase Public wants to further develop the payment platform. Options that enable payments from abroad and alternative payment methods, such as payment by credit card or with your Google or Apple wallet, will be examined.

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