PayByLink offers municipalities a solution for offline payment flows


Nowadays inhabitants of municipalities expect to be able to pay for their “e-Loket” transactions online. Partners such as PinkRoccade, Centric, Decos, SIMgroep and Exxellence already integrated the Ingenico online payment platform in their business systems. But there are still many processes with offline handling of invoices and payment flows. PaybyLink offers you a solution for these offline payment flows.  

Examples of these are copies of the civil status, environmental permits, international birth certificates and municipal taxes. These services are still invoiced on paper and the payment flow is not efficient. A flexible payment link via PayByLink, integrated with the checkout functionality of an existing Payment Service Provider may very well be a good solution for your municipality.

Personalized payment requests

PayByLink allows you sent automated but personalized payment requests via email or SMS. These requests contain a payment link or QR code leading to a checkout page from a Payment Service Provider. The available mail templates can be adapted to exactly match the corporate standards of your municipality. You may use your own logo, colors and can write the texts of the email or SMS yourself. The means of entering the payment information are various: this can be done manually, with an import from Excel, but PayByLink can also work with automated integration via a flexible API.

PayByLink is linked to your Ingenico account

So all you have to do is to submit the invoice information and PayByLink will take care of the rest! PayByLink will also provide feedback and automated reminders whenever you like. Note: PayByLink has no (contractual) role between the Payment Service Provider and the cash flow. Municipalities need to negotiate contracts with a Payment Service Provider and payment methods contracts themselves. However, the good thing is: when using PayByLink it is possible to use your existing Ingenico contracts. A separate integration will not be necessary!

Variable amounts

PayByLink supports the payment of fixed amounts which can be paid online and by means of a SEPA-mandate. Since PayByLink also allows variable amounts to be paid, you can easily use PayByLink for e.g. a donation mandate or for a payment to top up your phone balance. Alternatively you can realise partial payments by simply creating payment schedule and e.g. have a inhabitant pay in 12 installments. Payments can be made with iDeal, MasterCard or Visa – the payment method will always be a free choice. PayByLink offers a good solution for your offline payment flows.

Customer friendly

Customer service is essential to PayByLink, no matter how often a payment reminder is sent. Especially in personal matters, such as a reminder for the deposit for a wedding location, you as a municipality may wish to congratulate your inhabitants or show your interest in their wedding day. Though this is an automated process, this does not necessarily mean that it would be rude and impersonal. If you wish, PayByLink can also deliver a success mail and a thank you notice after payment! This is the solution PayByLink offers you for your offline payment flows.

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