‘They ticked all the boxes right from the start’

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Customer minded. That is how Head of Finance and Corporate Planning at Brother UK, Stuart Maclean describes us. “We pride ourselves on our customer service and PayByLink has the same values, the same attitude as we do. That is why it felt so right when we met. They ticked all the boxes right from the start”. Recently we completed the implementation of our PayByLink solution at Brother UK.

Brother is a leading global technology solutions provider. Almost sixty years ago, Brother UK opened its offices in Manchester, from where they sell and distribute to corporations and businesses around the United Kingdom. “We receive calls from customers to pay for repairs and extended warranties -. Since the contract with our previous vendor was ending, we were looking for a partner to help us find and implement a new efficient solution which was also PCI compliant,” says Stuart. “And due to the Covid-pandemic, we were also looking for an easy way to make it possible for customers to pay remotely at their own convenience. With PayByLink we killed two birds with one stone.”

‘Paying at their convenience’

“The solution PayByLink provided us, ticked all the boxes: a safe and easy to use payment service for both for our customers, as well as our back office,” continues Stuart. Now, instead of asking for all the payment details over the phone, the Brother UK team just verify the customer and send them a payment link that automatically corresponds with a unique identification number. “For us, the upside is it helps with tracing the payments. For our customers, the upside is that they have 72 hours to use the link. So, they can make the payment at a time of their convenience and they automatically receive a confirmation of the payment. Since PayByLink can be accessed remotely, our central admin team can create a payment link whilst working from home. There is no need for a hardware POS-terminal anymore! That way they can keep social distance from the office, and also helps to build business continuity.”

‘Things we did not know we wanted’

“We had little experience with online payments. PayByLink explained to us what they could do for us, and that ticked all the boxes,” Stuart explains. “Some of the features they showed us, were features we never even thought we wanted, until they showed us they were there. For instance, the automatically generated confirmation email. That was something we now see as a given.”

“We had a strict deadline for the implementation of the system. PayByLink’s flexibility ensured that we adhered to that deadline. If we had a question or if there was a problem, we always got a very quick response from them. For instance, there was an issue with creating a payment link. Even though it turned out to be a human error, the team immediately fixed it. The only thing we initially missed, was a first time use manual. But to be fair, it is really easy to use PayByLink. So, we made our own manual for training our employees.”

‘Immense expertise’

“As said, we had little experience with online payment services, so we relied fully on PayByLink. They understood that. The immense expertise they have made them a perfect partner for us in implementing a new improved solution, benefitting Brother and customers resulting in a highly successful implementation.”

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