Rabo Smart Pay

An all-in-one solution for all your payments as a business owner.

Rabo Smart Pay

With Rabo Smart Pay, Rabobank offers an all-in-one solution for all your payments as a business owner. The solution consists of the services of a payment service provider, combined with various POS solutions.

As a business owner, you choose the payment solutions that best suit your business. There are several online payment methods available for your online store. If you want your customers to use debit cards, you can choose from different POS solutions.

Moreover, the dashboard gives you insights into all payment flows in your various branches or online shops at all times. If you want to expand your business, you can easily add extra products via the dashboard. This allows you to easily respond to new developments in your business or with your customers.

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PayByLink en Rabo Smart Pay

PayByLink and Rabo Smart Pay have been integrated. Thanks to this integration, all companies using Rabo Smart Pay have access to PayByLink’s many functionalities. You can send payment links quickly, efficiently and easily.

Companies can send payment links by e-mail or SMS, as well as invoices with QR codes that contain a payment link. In addition to one-time payment links, payment links with variable amounts can also be sent. Customers can decide the amount they want to pay. This is often used for donations. In addition, partial payments can be initiated for subscriptions or installment plans.

In addition, there are many other possibilities. Of course, you can choose which features you want to use.

The fact is that by sending payment links from PayByLink you will receive your money safely, faster and easier in your Rabobank bank account.

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