Deferred payments for school trips possible with PayByLink


Ever since Ticketcounter teamed up with PayByLink, the organisation is able to guarantee its customers a service that is far more flexible. We talked to Mariska de Groot from Ticketcounter and invite you to read the results in this blog.

Ticketcounter is a ticket sales platform that supports animal parks, museums and event locations by offering them full service solutions for online ticket sales. For example, Ticketcounter provides online checkout links, a scan app and a module for organised group travel, such as ticket sales for school trips.

Online booker is not the payer

Regarding the latter service, a request for help arose from the Avifauna bird park, an important customer of Ticketcounter. De Groot explains: “At Avifauna, many school trips are booked in the online shop which is facilitated by Ticketcounter. In the case of school trips it often happens that the person who selects the outing and books it online, is not the one who ultimately makes the payment. Usually someone else is authorised to do so.”

Send a payment link shortly in advance

“Also bookings for school trips are made far in advance. At the time of booking, the balance of a school is often not yet sufficient to pay the full amount, for example because the parental contribution fees have not yet been received in full. It also regularly happens that the number of tickets required changes in the period between booking and payment. This means that the amount payable also needs to be adjusted. Ticketcounter wondered if it would be possible to set a variable booking quantity. At the same time they wanted to send the payment link shortly in advance, allowing the school to pay at that specific moment.

Ready-made solution for deferred payment

De Groot contacted PayByLink, because the currently used PSPs did not support this functionality. That immediately turned out to be a good choice, she says. The request she came up with, was not a problem and a ready-made solution was available. This resulted in a link being built between Ticketcounter and PayByLink, making it possible for Avifauna to work with deferred payments for school trips. De Groot: “Now the process is as follows: the person who makes the booking will receive an email with a payment link, which can be forwarded internally to the person authorised to make the payment. In case the amount of tickets required changes between the time of booking and the time of payment, the link will be automatically adjusted and sent again. In this way payment can be made only two weeks before the trip takes place.

Happy to cooperate with PayByLink

“Schools are happy with the new booking options at Avifauna. Now it is much easier for them to book and pay for a school trip at a convenient time. Therefore, we too are happy with the cooperation with PayByLink, since this has allowed us to help our customer in a good way. The integration went smoothly and we are pleased to be aware of these PayByLink capabilities. This will make it easier for us to respond to requests from our partners in the future. Who knows what other future requests we will be able to solve as well.

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